CSD Center for the Study of Democracy

Mattes Bratton, Gimah-Boadi Chu
2008 Rose, Mishler and Haerpfer   unpublished
From these findings, it is apparent that the notion of democracy has achieved overwhelming mass approbation throughout the world, and it has become "virtually the only political model with a global appeal" (Inglehart 2003; see also Inglehart and Welzel 2005; Mattes 2010). In many third-wave democracies in Africa, Asia, and other regions, however, recent barometer surveys have consistently revealed that even after decades of democratic rule, avowed supporters of democracy as a regime remain
more » ... regime remain attached to some of the practices of the authoritarian system in which they once lived (Carrion 2008; Chu et al. 2008b; Bratton, Mattes and Gyimah