Study on the Effects of Venturi-EGR System on Turbo-charged Diesel Engine Performance

Qiwei WANG
2016 Journal of Mechanical Engineering  
Abstract:A high pressure circulating exhaust gas re-circulation (EGR) intake system with Venturi tube is installed to study the influence of the intake system on the NO x emission in the condition of the economy and power of the diesel engine. According to a diesel engine's basic structural parameters and test data, the diesel engine's GT-Power 1D simulation model and the AVL Fire 3D simulation model of combustion chamber is established. Based on the calibration of models and the calculation of
more » ... the diesel engine performance, the Venturi tube is introduced into the intake system and its structure parameters are designed. The 1D and 3D models of engine are applied for the calculation of the fuel economy and emission characteristic of the vEGR diesel engine, and the results are verified by experiments. The results show that the Verturi EGR system allows the diesel engine to achieve ideal EGR rates under different European steady state cycle(ESC) operating conditions, and the NO x emission could be reduced by 28.4% with no significant impact on the fuel economy. The calculated results consistent with the experimental results and the conclusions are real and effective. Venturi pipe intake system can achieve a more ideal high pressure EGR cycle, in the diesel engine ESC operating conditions(except idling mode) can achieve a more ideal EGR rate.
doi:10.3901/jme.2016.04.157 fatcat:lfpkbcpeibcwvjpvr7lrokum3i