The Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cu-20Ni-20Mn Alloy Fabricated by a Compact Preparation Process

Rui Wang, Yilei Fu, Guoliang Xie, Zifan Hao, Shuai Zhang, Xinhua Liu
2020 Metals  
A novel compact preparation process has been developed to produce a Cu-20Ni-20Mn alloy. This process involves heating-cooling combined mould (HCCM) continuous casting, a solution treatment at 800 °C, rolling at room temperature and a final ageing step at 450 °C. This process eliminates two hot deformation processes, namely, hot forging and hot rolling, greatly improving production efficiency and reducing production costs compared with the traditional preparation process. The alloy fabricated by
more » ... alloy fabricated by this process was found to have excellent mechanical properties. Additionally, the formation of precipitated phases during the ageing step is accelerated by this new process. The hardness of the samples reaches 476 HV after ageing for 10 h. Stable, ordered precipitates of Ni3Mn(L12 phase) are observed in the rolled specimen, and the orientation relationship between the copper matrix and ordered Ni3Mn phase (L12 phase) is [200]Cu//[010]Ni3Mn and [011]Cu//[011]Ni3Mn. Precipitation strengthening is the main reason for the increase of strength of the sample during the ageing process. The mechanical properties and ageing precipitation process of the alloy are affected by the rolling process. The precipitation rate of the rolled sample is greatly increased during the ageing process, leading to a larger amount of precipitates.
doi:10.3390/met10111528 fatcat:u6vztx74lzfpzd7b3fgqyc6dse