Aiyanna P P, Poornima Jalawadi, Harshavardhana K, Deenaprakash Bharadwaj
2020 International Journal of Research in Ayurveda and Pharmacy  
Ever since the evolution of the species Homo sapiens, anal problems have been a source of constant anxiety. Contrarily there seems to be an increasing incidence of the commonest of all anal disease, i.e. Arshas, a kind of disease which is very unkind towards mankind. Ayurvedic literatures have described Arshas as Mahagada and can be compared to Haemorrhoids in modern medicine. The various therapies show that there is no universally acceptable technique in the management of Haemorrhoids and also
more » ... emorrhoids and also these have many side effects and demerits. Pratisaraneeya Kshara the alkaline group of medicinal substances has been emphasized throughout the classical literature for Arshas, as a substitute for surgical procedure and can be used safely in patients who are afraid of surgery, old and weak also. This work includes preparation of Apamarga and Palasha Pratisaraneeya Ksharas; evaluation of the efficacy of Apamarga and Palasha Pratisaraneeya Kshara and comparing the results in the management of Arshas. The effects of Apamarga Pratisaraneeya Kshara and Palasha Pratisaraneeya Kshara were evaluated clinically in 30 patients, 15 in each group randomly divided. The study concluded that in patients suffering from Arshas both Apamarga Pratisaraneeya Kshara and Palasha Pratisaraneeya Kshara showed statistically highly significant results (p < 0.001) in terms of the improvement in Mass per rectum, Pain and Size of pilemass and 80% of the patients treated with Apamarga Pratisaraneeya Kshara got complete remission from the disease, while with Palasha Pratisaraneeya Kshara 46.7% patients showed complete remission. Though there won't many differences statistically, the comparison of individual criteria 's percentage and the relief obtained, Apamarga Pratisaraneeya Kshara showed an upper hand in managing the Arshas.
doi:10.7897/2277-4343.1106183 fatcat:w67bae7v7bgqvivkmmply2slxe