Tüketici Davranışına Göre Müşteri Sadakat Programı Algısının İlişkisel Pazarlama Kapsamında İncelenmesi

Ömer Sarı, Halime Göktaş Kulualp
2019 IBAD Sosyal Bilimler Dergisi  
When the developing technology, production and consumption cycle is examined, it is seen that a customer-oriented approach towards the end of the twentieth century has been adopted. In this process, it has become important to satisfy the expectations, demands and needs of the customers. However, in the sectors and loyal customers as well as being more costly to acquire new customers and imitations in goods / services have made new applications mandatory. It is seen that customers tend to create
more » ... loyal customers with loyalty cards that have micro-cip processors to examine, record and store their purchasing behaviors. Initially, the loyalty card applications, which are popular in almost every field, have emerged by the airline companies in the future. It is seen that retail companies that sell many goods and services together and start loyalty card applications in order to keep their customers and decrease their promotion costs. For this purpose, research has been done on customers who have a loyalty card application of a retailer company. The data were analyzed in computerized environment.
doi:10.21733/ibad.603358 fatcat:23faiwchxvdzfgcwgv7ms2dkv4