Novel permanent magnet linear motor with isolated movers: Analytical, numerical and experimental study

Liang Yan, Juanjuan Peng, Zongxia Jiao, Chin-Yin Chen, I-Ming Chen
2014 Review of Scientific Instruments  
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more » ... magnet linear motor possessing two movers and one stator. The two movers are isolated and can interact with the stator poles to generate independent forces and motions. Compared with conventional multiple motor driving system, it helps to increase the system compactness, and thus improve the power density and working efficiency. The magnetic field distribution is obtained by using equivalent magnetic circuit method. Following that, the formulation of force output considering armature reaction is carried out. Then inductances are analyzed with finite element method to investigate the relationships of the two movers. It is found that the mutualinductances are nearly equal to zero, and thus the interaction between the two movers is negligible. A research prototype of the linear motor and a measurement apparatus on thrust force have been developed. Both numerical computation and experiment measurement are conducted to validate the analytical model of thrust force. Comparison shows that the analytical model matches the numerical and experimental results well. © 2014 AIP Publishing LLC. [http://dx.
doi:10.1063/1.4899236 pmid:25362449 fatcat:i2v43u4ogfdytgfewvp3447ble