Burials from the time of the Altheim culture at the site Nördlingen-Nürnberger Straße 63, Nördlinger Ries, Bavaria

Johann Friedrich Tolksdorf, Manfred Woidich, Eva Kropf, Christoph Herbig
The archaeological record for the Altheim culture (approx. 38th -35th century BC) in SW Germany is highly biased. While a small number of waterlogged sites have provided material for very detailed analyses of settlement activities and economy within this environmental setting, evidence for settlement activities outside these specific topographic situations is extremely sparse. The same applies to burial features that have been identified from eight sites which are predominantly isolated burials
more » ... that have not revealed any clear modus concerning orientation, grave goods or spatial organization. Here we present results from a site situated in the Nördlinger Ries (Bavaria) that has yielded a total of eight burials of this culture together with a small number of contemporary settlement features including the rare example of a well. Our results corroborate the absence of any strict orientation or a defined set of grave goods in this culture and no spatial organization of the burials could be observed.
doi:10.12766/jna.2020.3 fatcat:rounv34lvfgpdjjrupwgu7qbhu