An absolute calibration method of an ethyl alcohol biosensor based on wavelength-modulated differential photothermal radiometry

Yi Jun Liu, Andreas Mandelis, Xinxin Guo
2015 Review of Scientific Instruments  
In this work, laser-based wavelength-modulated differential photothermal radiometry (WM-DPTR) is applied to develop a non-invasive in-vehicle alcohol biosensor. WM-DPTR features unprecedented ethanol-specificity and sensitivity by suppressing baseline variations through a differential measurement near the peak and baseline of the mid-infrared ethanol absorption spectrum. Biosensor signal calibration curves are obtained from WM-DPTR theory and from measurements in human blood serum and ethanol
more » ... lutions diffused from skin. The results demonstrate that the WM-DPTR-based calibrated alcohol biosensor can achieve high precision and accuracy for the ethanol concentration range of 0-100 mg/dl. The high-performance alcohol biosensor can be incorporated into ignition interlocks that could be fitted as a universal accessory in vehicles in an effort to reduce incidents of drinking and driving. C 2015 AIP Publishing LLC. [http://dx.
doi:10.1063/1.4935308 pmid:26628164 fatcat:wiy36lfczbaetfjwxbj47d67ee