Development of Particle Simulation Method for Analysis of Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems
유체-구조 상호연성 해석을 위한 입자법 시뮬레이션 기술 개발

Sung-Chul Hwang, Jong-Chun Park, Chang-Yong Song, Young-Hun Kim
2013 한국해양공학회지  
Recently, some fluid-structure interaction (FSI) problems involving the fluid impact loads interacting with structures, such as sloshing, slamming, green-water, etc., have been considered, especially in the ocean engineering field. The governing equations for both an elastic solid model and flow model were originally derived from similar continuum mechanics principles. In this study, an elastic model based on a particle method, the MPS method, was developed for simulating the FSI problems. The
more » ... FSI problems. The developed model was first applied to a simple cantilever deflection problem for verification. Then, the model was coupled with the fluid flow model, the PNU (Pusan National University modified)-MPS method, and applied to the numerical investigation of the coupling effects between a cantilever and a mass of water, which has variable density, free-falling to the end of the cantilever.
doi:10.5574/ksoe.2013.27.2.053 fatcat:2nbtuq427vdyfgbpsftsaq25ye