"Putting Fear and Prejudice on Trial": New Narratives for Queer Documentary Theatre in Dustin Lance Black's 8

Emily H St-Aubin
This thesis explores contemporary documentary theatre within the context of queer studies. While there are many plays that fall into the category of queer documentary theatre including The Laramie Project, Another American, and Execution of Justice, this research examines Dustin Lance Black's new play, 8. After identifying regimes of representation present in queer documentary theatre, I highlight how 8 breaks new ground in the genre as it stages a moment in which queer people overcome
more » ... e overcome adversity as opposed to staging queer people as victims of violence and hate (The Laramie Project, Execution of Justice). I examine the role of empathy in 8 through a close reading of Black's construction of family. Finally, I use memory theory, specifically Pierre Nora, to investigate why queer people create documentary theatre and the role documentary plays have in preserving collective memories. St--Aubin iii
doi:10.7939/r3z892n3h fatcat:bu7lz5n7sveitdwj4m5tfgdt7e