Western Coordinating Committee-204 Goals and Why They Are Important to the Future of Animal Production Systems

D. J. R. Cherney
2004 Poultry Science  
There are scientists who believe that science is value-free and that social and ethical issues are not their concern. The birth of Dolly, the cloned lamb, greatly increased public and scientific awareness of ethical issues raised by molecular biology as they intersect with human experience. There are many other issues involving animal production systems, including animal welfare, rural community issues, and environmental concerns. Last year Germany became the first European nation to grant
more » ... ls a constitutional right. Several European nations ban the use of traditional battery cages for laying hens and gestation crates for sows. In the US, 37 states have recently passed animal anticruelty laws. Times are changing, and if animal production systems are to be part of the future, animal scientists must join (
doi:10.1093/ps/83.3.307 pmid:15049479 fatcat:cgh5tntspjgpnbtneh6ftpqgp4