PO-0479 Early Screening For Autism Spectrum Disorders (asd) In Preterm Infants: Correlation With Perinatal Data And Predictive Values

V Tenorio, A Mancera, F Botet, JM Rodriguez-Miguelez, D Salvia, J Figueras-Aloy
2014 Archives of Disease in Childhood  
2. Considering rSO 2 more depends on circulatory sufficiency then FiO 2 it is expedient to use such a definition as 'oxygenous price of saturation'. In that case using of Doppler estimation of cerebral blood flow pattern allows differing mixed hypoxia and cerebral ischemia aiming to choose proper ways of intensive care.
doi:10.1136/archdischild-2014-307384.1120 fatcat:tdrvaytlabdcjkk76g6kk52me4