Inner nuclear membrane protein LEM-2 is required for correct nuclear separation and morphology in C. elegans

A. Morales-Martinez, A. Dobrzynska, P. Askjaer
2015 Journal of Cell Science  
BSTRACT The inner nuclear membrane proteins emerin and LEMD2 have both overlapping and separate functions in regulation of nuclear organization, gene expression and cell differentiation. We report here that emerin (EMR-1) and LEM domain protein 2 (LEM-2) are expressed in all tissues throughout Caenorhaditis elegans development but their relative distribution differs between cell types. The ratio of EMR-1 to LEM-2 is particularly high in contractile tissues, intermediate in neurons and
more » ... and lowest in intestine and germ line. We find that LEM-2 is recruited earlier than EMR-1 to reforming nuclear envelopes, suggesting the presence of separate mitotic membrane compartments and specific functions of each protein. Concordantly, we observe that nuclei of lem-2 mutant embryos, but not of emr-1 mutants, have reduced nuclear circularity. Finally, we uncover a so-far-unknown role of LEM-2 in nuclear separation and anchoring of microtubule organizing centers.
doi:10.1242/jcs.164202 pmid:25653391 fatcat:fnfyb3awwnhjbb4yjbzwaw7zoi