Percutaneous Needle Aspiration Biopsy of Chest Lesions: Effectivenese When Using an 18-Gauge Needle

So Sun Kim, Seong Min Kim, Gyoo Sik Jung, Young Duk Joh, Jin Do Huh, Bang Huh
1995 Journal of the Korean Radiological Society  
Purpose : Results of 181 percutaneous needle aspiration biopsies performed with an 18-gauge needle during a period of 3 years were analyzed to determine effi cacy and safety of the procedure Materials and Methods; Biposies were performed in patients that could not be diagn osed by bronchoscopy or sputum cytology. The biopsy procedure with 18-gauge Crown needle was guided by fluoroscopy. The biopsy speci men placed in 10 % formalin solution were histolog ically confirmed Results: In 160
more » ... 89 % ), the positive diagnosis was made by percutaneous needle aspiration biopsy. There were 153 lung lesions(120 malignant and 33 benign lesions) and 7 mediastinal lesions the diagnostic a ccuracy of malignant and benign disease was 91 % and 80 % respecti v ely. Complications included pneumothorax(n = 11 ) and hemothorax( n=1) ; si x of them required treatment with chest tube and the remain der showed spontaneous resporpti on. Conclusion: PCNB with an 18-gauge needle provided a rel iable , r elatively safe diagnostic tool to establish the diagnosis of both malignant and ben ign chest lesions Index Words: Lung , biopsy Biopsies, compli cati ons Lung neoplasms Pneumothorax Address reprint reques ts to: Seong Min Kim, M.D., D epar tment
doi:10.3348/jkrs.1995.32.1.103 fatcat:nrpajwa6wvhirhrrizmdcxzmee