Waseim Ragab Azzam
2014 International Journal of GEOMATE  
This article describes the effect of creating nanocomposite materials on the long-term durability of expansive soil. A series of tests were performed to examine the effect of induced nanocomposites on the durability behaviors of the expansive clay. Tests were carried out at different polymer contents and curing time. The nano-structure was examined to confirm the occurrence of nanocomposites through the stabilized samples. The results showed that the curing time can be modified the consistency
more » ... tate of stabilized samples. The induced nanocomposites within the swelling clay can be attributed to non-plastic properties and acted as a hydraulic binder with lesser swelling potential. After long term curing time 28 days, the use of 15% polymer content reduced the swell percent by 90% and increased the stiffness by 4.5 time of its initial value. The improving factor in its unconfined strength was found to be 220%. This can be tended to improve the long term durability and increased the resistance to immersion which confirmed the produced durable hydrophobic material.
doi:10.21660/2014.13.29127 fatcat:mkfbjoitnnamriekb2ggu3ws5e