The idea of the bill as a hidden element of legislative technique (as an example of local government reform in 2014—2015)
Идея законопроекта как скрытый элемент законодательной техники (на примере реформы местного самоуправления 2014—2015 гг.)

Natalya Bobrova, Ilya Alexandrov
2020 Legal Science and Practice: Journal of Nizhny Novgorod Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia  
The article analyzes the supra-legal nature of the decrees is analyzed, by which the President of the Russian Federation implements a constitutional authority to determine the main directions of the state's domestic and foreign policy. It is proven that the idea and concept of the draft law — it's not the same thing: the idea of many legislative novels is initially hidden, not indicated in the concept of the bill. The concept of the bill is always positive, aimed at the future, even if the
more » ... e, even if the reform is unpopular. The concept of federal government reform in 2014, relying solely on democratic rhetoric, it allowed not to expose or even hide the main idea of this reform. Federal law of May 27, 2014 no. 136-ФЗ — example of legally jewelry reform, the real (hidden) idea of which differs from the concept of the law, and is also different from the rhetoric of its initiators. Local government has become an extension of state power, which is a hidden idea of reform. The stated concept of reform — proximity to the people — not realized, for there was a different purpose (hidden idea) — embedding local governments in the vertical of state power.
doi:10.36511/2078-5356-2020-1-28-38 fatcat:gnuhzh2rpvhnnobpjpxply3s2i