Factors association with some bacteria cause diarrhea disease among children under 5 years old

Khadija Al-Mizury
2018 Mustansiriyah Journal of Science  
Aim: "Diarrhea has been a common cause of morbidity and mortality in children under 5 years old. This study was intended to assessment level of personal hygiene, type of water taken by children, crowding index and some factors associated with some bacterial infection in children under 5 years."Material and Methods: This study enrolled 143 children under 5 years with clinical evidence of diarrheal disease through the period extending from 15/4/2016 to 30/8/2016, who were admitted to Baghdad
more » ... ing hospital, stool samples were collected from children who had diarrhea were inoculated on selective culture media using standard method. "The isolate were identified depending on morphological feature of colonies and from all media biochemically using API 20E system."Results: A total bacterial infection was observed (13.9%). Specific prevalence of species bacteria is as follows," E.coli (7.7%), and Shigella spp. (2%), and Salmonella spp. (3.5%) and V. cholera (0.7%)." Finding from our study indicate that patient in the age group >5 years of age were more likely to have diarrhea than those who were younger, and Children that consumed tap water were more infected with bacteria (9.7%). In this study, crowding index were associated with diarrheal disease," children from households with 1 or 2 people per room were (1.4%) less likely to have diarrhea compared to children from household with more than 3 people per room (30%). Our results indicate that availability of house hold sanitation facilities, access to filter and clean water, good personal hygiene and butter nutrition were all associated with lower incidence of diarrhea."
doi:10.23851/mjs.v28i3.42 fatcat:3hyhlulde5hrhk2cop32xe3kom