The Affect of Ginger on the Severity of Nausea and Vomiting induced by ‎Chemotherapy in Cancer\' Patient Referred to Razi Hospital in Rasht ‎‏2007-2008‏

akramsadat montazeri, atefeh ghanbari, maryam niknami, zahra atrkarruoshan, abdorasuol sobhani, farideh hasavari, behruoz najafi, fariborz moatar, tabasom fakheri
2008 Journal of Holistic Nursing and Midwifery  
nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy is the most important ‎complication and discomfort for cancer patients. Nausea and vomiting causes physiologic and ‎electrolyte disorders, Immunity system changes, Nutrition disorders and rupture of esophagus ‎and effect in the quality of life and continuing of patient's treatment. Ginger is one vegetable ‎and effective drug for the treatment of nausea and vomiting and doesn t have any special side ‎effects and some countries use it for producing of
more » ... for producing of antiemetic drugs.‎ Objective: This study aims to determine the affection of ginger on the severity chemotherapy ‎‎–induced nausea and vomiting of cancer patients.‎ Methods: This study is a randomized, cross-over, double – blinded, similarization clinical trial, ‎done on ‎‏44‏‎ cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. In the first cycle of the study, Patients ‎randomly assigned by four block random allocation to receive one of the antiemetic regimen ‎‎(regimen A (routine + ‎‏1‏‎ gr ginger) and regimen B (routine ‎‏+1‏gr Placebos). In the next cycle of ‎chemotherapy, ‎‏28‏‎ days after the previous cycle another regimen (A or B) administrated ‎together with chemotherapy drugs. The severity of the nausea and vomiting were measured in ‎‏4‏h (‎‏1‏‎, ‎‏2‏‎, ‎‏3‏‎, ‎‏4‏‎(hours)) after second dose and at the end of the ‎‏24‏h after receiving first dose by ‎using of VAS and kortila tools.‎ Results: Finding indicated that on totally , we didn't achieve any difference on number of ‎nausea and vomiting on two treatment regimens .But on the different hours, findings showed ‎decrease of nausea and vomiting on ginger group patients ‎ Conclusion: According to achieved finding, Researcher believed that no significant ‎difference between treatment regimens might be related to low sample size, time prescribtion ‎of ginger different kind cancer and different dose of ginger ‎
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