"Droppers" of Tulipa and Erythronium

1907 Botanical Gazette  
CURRENT LITERATURE "Droppers" of Tulipa and Erythronium.-Miss ROBERTSON'5 has been investigating the peculiar descending stolons of Tulipa and Erythronium, which are called "droppers" by the gardeners. In her account she makes no mention of the work of RIMBACH,i6 one of whose papers contains quite an extended account of the "droppers" of Erythronium, and the other deals with a number of genera of the Liliaceae. The summary states that "the power of lateral migration to prevent overcrowding, and
more » ... t overcrowding, and of descent into the soil for protection against frost, drought, and animals, is possessed in some degree by many bulbous plants. " The statement includes a fact and its purpose; the former seems evident, the latter would be somewhat difficult to demonstrate. The power referred to is said to be more highly specialized in Tulipa and Erythronium than usual, and hence the structure and behavior of the so-called "droppers" is of special interest "The immature bulb each year produces a single foliage leaf, continued at the base into a hollow tube, the 'dropper,' enclosing a bulb at its tip. " It seems to be
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