5G planar branch line coupler design based on the analysis of dielectric constant, loss tangent and quality factor at high frequency

Nor Azimah Mohd Shukor, Norhudah Seman
2020 Scientific Reports  
This study focuses on the effect of different dielectric properties in the design of 3-dB planar branch line coupler (BLC) using RT5880, RO4350, TMM4 and RT6010, particularly at high frequency of 26 GHz, the fifth generation (5G) operating frequency. The analysis conducted in this study is based on the dielectric constant, loss tangent and quality factor (Q-factor) associated with the dielectric properties of the substrate materials. Accordingly, the substrate that displayed the best
more » ... the best performance for high frequency application had the lowest dielectric constant, lowest loss tangent and highest Q-factor (i.e., RT5880), and it was chosen to enhance our proposed 3-dB BLC. This enhanced 3-dB BLC was designed with the inclusion of microstrip-slot stub impedance at each port for bandwidth enhancement, and the proposed prototype had dimensions of 29.9 mm × 19.9 mm. The design and analysis of the proposed 3-dB BLC were accomplished by employing CST Microwave Studio. The performance of scattering parameters and the phase difference of the proposed BLC were then assessed and verified through laboratory measurement.
doi:10.1038/s41598-020-72444-2 pmid:32999315 fatcat:3ln4dc2lhveczdivexpt3aaymy