COVID-19: A Critical Review on Viral Biochemistry, Environmental Transmission, Therapeutics and Safety Measures

Roshni Kumari, Kumari Pragati Nanda, Hena Firdaus, Soumen Dey
2020 European Journal of Biology and Biotechnology  
The outbreak of coronavirus disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) is declared pandemic by World Health Organization (WHO) keeping in view its infection rate and toxicity level. The entire world is struggling hard to survive the prevailing health emergency. The authors realise the urgent need of contributing an overview of the present scenario to the researchers who are breathlessly trying to combat this pandemic situation. This review aimed at binding
more » ... the scattered data and research available till now on COVID-19 disease starting from its origin to transmission and spread through environmental factors till treatment and the safety measures that should be implemented. This article would possibly help the readers by providing an outlook of current scenario on various perspectives of COVID-19 disease at a single glance. The types, origin and toxicity caused are discussed in brief. The role of contaminated aerosols (viral-laden smoke from tobacco, cigarettes), wastewater, fomites, human and faecal matter are important in spreading the novel coronavirus in the environment. There is no specific treatment till date but clinical trials and diagnosis on several known drugs are on-going. The precaution and safety measures could hopefully reduce number of infections and mortality. The number of infected cases confirmed till 2 August 2020 was 17660523 with 680894 deaths in the world. We tried in this review article to summarize the scattered data available on biochemistry of SARS-CoV-2, environmental spread of virus and the safety measures to combat COVID-19 pandemic.
doi:10.24018/ejbio.2020.1.6.125 fatcat:y36wfumu45fk3j4m7ztteemhru