SWOT of Visual Arts (Case Study: Iran)

Maysam Musai, Sima Taherkhani, Mohsen Mehrara
2016 International Journal of Applied Economic Studies   unpublished
The present research investigates the status of visual arts market in Iran whereby two questions are answered: 1-what are the strengths and weaknesses and opportunities and threats concerning visual arts economics? 2-what are the strategies for the qualitative and quantitative development of visual arts economics? In this paper, SWOT strategic analysis is used to investigate intra-organizational strengths and weaknesses and intra-organizational opportunities and threats. The statistical sample
more » ... ncludes 40 experts of this field, that are selected among the artists, gallery owners, critics and experts. The findings indicate that in comparison to a few strengths and opportunities existing in visual arts area that rely on the performance of private sector, we are faced with many threats and weaknesses in this field. Problems such as: lack of guild and or union, lack of codified legal rules, shortage of budget and credits, tax threats, extreme price increase, single channel in market, government's involvement in executive affairs, etc. have challenged the market of visual arts in Iran in many aspects. In this regard, the best policy for improvement of visual arts economics qualitatively and quantitatively is development of required infrastructures and facilitation of conditions by state or public sector in order to create job and put emphasis on privatization in this field.