Model checking a self-stabilizing synchronization protocol for arbitrary digraphs

M. R. Malekpour
2012 2012 IEEE/AIAA 31st Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC)  
This report presents the mechanical verification of a self-stabilizing distributed clock synchronization protocol for arbitrary digraphs in the absence of faults. This protocol does not rely on assumptions about the initial state of the system, other than the presence of at least one node, and no central clock or a centrally generated signal, pulse, or message is used. The system under study is an arbitrary, nonpartitioned digraph ranging from fully connected to 1-connected networks of nodes
more » ... le allowing for differences in the network elements. Nodes are anonymous, i.e., they do not have unique identities. There is no theoretical limit on the maximum number of participating nodes. The only constraint on the behavior of the node is that the interactions with other nodes are restricted to defined links and interfaces. This protocol deterministically converges within a time bound that is a linear function of the self-stabilization period. A bounded model of the protocol is verified using the Symbolic Model Verifier (SMV) for a subset of digraphs. Modeling challenges of the protocol and the system are addressed. The model checking effort is focused on verifying correctness of the bounded model of the protocol as well as confirmation of claims of determinism and linear convergence with respect to the self-stabilization period.
doi:10.1109/dasc.2012.6382444 fatcat:ozvofv4wdffgvblhvdishiyey4