Routing Protocols for Next-Generation Networks Inspired by Collective Behaviors of Insect Societies: An Overview [chapter]

Muddassar Farooq, Gianni A. Di Caro
Natural Computing Series  
In this chapter we discuss the properties and review the main instances of network routing algorithms whose bottom-up design has been inspired by collective behaviors of social insects such as ants and bees. This class of bio-inspired routing algorithms includes a relatively large number of algorithms mostly developed during the last 10 years and mainly inspired by ant colony behaviors. It accounts for the majority of the instances of swarm intelligence algorithms for routing. The
more » ... s inherited by the biological systems of inspiration almost naturally empower these algorithms with characteristics such as autonomy, self-organization, adaptivity, robustness, and scalability, which are all desirable if not necessary properties to deal with the challenges of current and next generation networks. In the chapter we consider different classes of wired and wireless networks, and for each class we briefly discuss the characteristics of the main ant-and bee-colony inspired algorithms which can be found in literature. We point out their their distinctive features and discuss their general pros and cons in relationship to the state-of-the-art.
doi:10.1007/978-3-540-74089-6_4 fatcat:2vzcynkpwzbwthkvm4gsopsk4y