Session Initiation Protocol [chapter]

2013 Identification and Management of Distributed Data  
Session Initiation Protocol, SIP, provides controlplane signaling for the IP networks. SIP enables initiating, modifying and terminating sessions for a user, while maintaining neutrality to physical media capabilities and using other protocols to negotiate these. SIP assumes that the transport layer is inherently unreliable and as such provides transport layer mechanisms. For target device discovery SIP requires the use of application layer routing. Besides these, the protocol is extensible and
more » ... has already been extended to support IETF presence framework and instant messaging. However, in order to perform in its core area, IP telephony call signaling, in regards to PSTN-IP Telephony integration, the protocol requires further work especially in the area of emergency calls. 3GPP has decided to use SIP for signaling and work is ongoing to meet 3GPP network and IP multimedia system requirements.
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