On Privacy and Anonymity in Freenet System

Tianbo Lu, Zhimin Lin, Lingling Zhao, Yang Li
2016 International Journal of Security and Its Applications  
As a typical representative of anonymous network applications, Freenet system has so many advantages in sharing, privacy, anonymity as well as uploading and downloading convenience that it adequately realizes expression freedom. So it's widely used in different fields. For Freenet system, academia and system designers have been conducting research and improvement which mainly on following points: structure, topology, routing algorithm and the Darknet mechanism which proposed by new version. The
more » ... purpose of these efforts is to increase the system network utilization, enhance the reliability of transmission and improve the safety and robustness of the system. This paper reviews and summarizes the research progress of Freenet system by collating and analyzing relevant articles. We also analyze and compare the main ideas, the algorithm application as well as pros and cons of different articles surrounding different topics. In addition, we also tease out the development and the evolution trends of Freenet system in time order, and combined with current network situation, we made reasonable proposals and prospects and draw scientific conclusions. In this section, we analysis several security approaches to focus on the properties and relations about privacy and anonymous in the most noteworthy and innovative ways. In order to improve its performance, an in-depth understanding of the deployed Freenet system is required. The detail information of these theses is shown as follows: Figure 8. Studies around Privacy and Anonymity in Freenet System
doi:10.14257/ijsia.2016.10.5.04 fatcat:k6uwi5x52jho3otlc6bowdnmum