Digital Citizenship "Access and Inclusion" Course

2022 Zenodo  
The development of technology has created a new social structure that controls who, how and when individuals interact with society. In less than 30 years, the use of the Internet, mobile phones and computers has increased to the point that we hardly know what we would do without them. Digital citizens are required to act in a certain way that fits with accepted norms, standards and regulations. The course "Access and Inclusion" is fundamental to empowering learners' online voice. More than
more » ... it is crucial to teach learners how to enable other people's voices so that the overall digital world becomes a more open and accessible environment with numerous positive spillovers into the physical world. This world has its very own rules that must be understood so that access and inclusion can be afforded to all undisturbed. This course is divided into five modules: Introducing the concepts of access and inclusion; Are we all prejudiced; Democracy and the digital; Trolls and other creatures of the net; Become an access and inclusion champion. Furthermore, the modules are publicly available on Moodle and TEAM4Excellence. Each module is translated into four languages: English, Romanian, Greek and German. "Access and inclusion" is the result of the Erasmus+ project " Strategic partnership to develop open educational resources for teaching digital citizenship", implemented by a consortium of four partners from Romania, Cyprus, Germany and Greece, aiming at improving a broad range of competences, so citizens are able to actively, positively and responsibly engage in both on and offline communities. The authors consider that digital citizenship should be faced as a multidimensional and complex concept. Based on this aspect, they created 10 courses that construct digital citizenship: Acces and Inclusion, Learning and Creativity, Media and Informacion Literacy, Ethics and Empathy, Health and Wellbeing, ePresence and Communication, Active Participation, Rights and Responsibilities, Privacy and Security, Consumer Awareness. Bes [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.7112151 fatcat:toz2vnm2ezhtnhftnsox57vc64