Prevalence of Inhalant and Food Allergies after Skin Prick Testing in Patients with Resistant Allergic Rhinitis in Warm Humid Weather

Hisham Yousuf Hasan, Muhammad Aamir Rizwan
2015 Bahrain Medical Bulletin  
Objective: To evaluate the incidence of common food and inhalant allergies. Design: A Retrospective Study. Setting: Department of ENT, Bahrain Defense Force (BDF) Hospital. Method: Patients' records with allergic rhinitis who were subjected to Skin Prick Testing (SPT) Result: The population under study was almost equally distributed between both genders with minimal female predominance, 312 (52%). Age distribution of positive allergens was almost equally distributed among each decade from 10 to
more » ... h decade from 10 to 50 years. Two hundred fifty-eight (43%) were found to have another associated allergic comorbid condition; bronchial asthma was the most common, 186 (31%). Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus was the most commonly encountered positive aeroallergen found in 252 (42%), while Walnut was found as the most prevalent food allergen 48 (8%). Conclusion: In this study, inhalant allergens are more frequently encountered whereas food allergens are less among tested subjects. Weeds, dust mite and animal allergens are most common inhalant allergens. Morbidities associated with allergies are common in Bahrain. Allergic population in Bahrain is diverse in terms of nature of allergens. The Austrian pediatrician Clemens Von Pirquet was the first to use the word "allergy" to describe the strange and non disease-related symptoms developing in patients who received horse serum antitoxin 1 . The word "allergy" originally comes from the Greek word "alol" meaning "change in original state", which does not relate to the recent understanding and development in allergic reaction 2 . The prevalence of allergic diseases is rising globally, both in developed and developing countries 3 . Allergic reaction to food and inhalants is a disorder resulting from the ingestion or
doi:10.12816/0014420 fatcat:i7knpug4f5c3vjdhs3d3dybjdu