Kapur, V., & Ghose, S. (Eds.). (2018). Dynamic learning spaces in education. Singapore: Springer

2019 International Perspectives and Interactions in Education  
Globalisation and digitisation have dramatically transformed virtually every aspect of social, economic and cultural life, making them more innovative, dynamic, complex, and often conflicting. In spite of the changes that followed the technological trends, education as such is still a traditional domain, which needs to be modernised in terms of purpose, content and methodology. The book Dynamic Learning Spaces in Education is "an appropriate forum for presenting and analysing the contemporary
more » ... ucational space, positing theoretical and practical issues, that temper educational discourse" (vii). It gives the floor to 21 practicing teachers and educationists to elaborate on educational reform, transformation of the traditional classroom and pedagogical practices in order to meet the demands of the contemporary global and dynamic world, and its global citizens. I found the idea of gathering quite a large number of authors to contribute to the general context extremely interesting and fruitful, since each of the researchers has brought his or her own expertise, experience, thoughts and insights to the book. This enriched the content with different perspectives and linkages between theory and practice, and, eventually, made the book multi-dimensional. Overall, the book incorporates four main directions of the collective explorations on: The digital learning culture, its potential and possibilities. The new edge classroom and its teaching strategies.
doi:10.37074/jalt.2019.2.2.21 fatcat:abcaoa6fwnfizfedvfh327hfzq