Fine-grained Assured Data Deletion Scheme Based on Attribute Association

Tian Junfeng, Wang Zhidan
2020 Computers & security  
With the rapid development of cloud computing technology, an increasing number of enterprises and users store their data in the cloud to achieve convenient storage and data sharing. However, once data is stored in a third-party cloud storage service provider, the privacy and integrity of the data can be compromised. This paper proposes a fine-grained assured data deletion scheme based on attribute association (ADAA), which aims to protect security and achieve assured deletion of outsourced
more » ... The scheme uses standard encryption technology to ensure the privacy and integrity of the data and implements secure deletion based on attribute revocation. At the same time, it incorporates access policy graphs and policy combinations to achieve fine-grained access control and data sharing. In addition, it associates attributes to achieve access control by using a homomorphic hash function, and it establishes a deletion confirmation feedback mechanism to provide a reliable guarantee. By experimenting and comparing with related schemes, ADAA is proved to be safe and efficient, and it provides a practical method for the assured deletion of cloud storage data.
doi:10.1016/j.cose.2020.101936 fatcat:a6vxlykdcbgdfijfhyefcrylie