Latin American Technology Initiative (LAT). Final technical report [report]

Rolando Gallegos
2000 unpublished
This w r t was prcparcd as an account of work sponsored by M agency of the United States Govcrnmcilt. Neither the United States Government nor my agency tbwtof, nor any of @ar tmployecs. m?ka 8ny m t y , cxprrss or imptied, or assumes aity kgal liabity or rrtpoasibilrty for the rcconcy, c o m~c t C a~ or usefulaess of MY information. apparatus, product, or process d i d & or rqxcseats that its use would not infringe privately owned rights. R c f~c t he& to MY rpecific commercial product,
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doi:10.2172/807721 fatcat:c33s6efjrvfirmb3bvgehvqbry