An Iris Localization Algorithm based on Morphological Processing

Kun Yu, Zeyu Xu, Lixin Xu
2015 International Journal of Security and Its Applications  
To improve the speed of iris localization, an iris localization algorithm based on the morphological processing is proposed with fast speed. Firstly, pupil area is segmented from eye image by thresholding, to remove eyelash noise and other noises from binaryzation pupil area by morphological open operation. Then, a series of structure element of radius increasing is used to make morphological erode operation on pupil area to localize roughly the inner boundary of the iris. Finally, calculus
more » ... ator is employed to accurately localize the inner and outer iris boundary. 108 iris images from CASIA (Version 1.0) iris database are used to do iris localization experiments. The localization accurate rate of the proposed algorithm, calculus operator and hough transform is 97.2%, 90.3% and 92.1% respectively. Experiment results have showed that the proposed algorithm has a high performance on speed and precision with strong robustness to the different quality iris images.
doi:10.14257/ijsia.2015.9.3.15 fatcat:ohtejyzwn5agtcn4kii3dd2czq