S Manikandan
Business Review : e-Journal   unpublished
"The higher education segment is expected to undergo intense changes and activities in terms of foreign partnerships and foreign players entering the market in the coming years, with Indian players rejuvenating and improvising their methodology, technology and course content to match the competition. The changes are not only in the form of the educational improvisations but the very basics are going to take a shift-a gradual shift. I am of the opinion that the people in the field of education
more » ... ield of education are now working on a system which shall be able to predict whether a learner can tackle a given problem or not, and what resources would help the learner deal with it. This would also be a tool for the educator who wants to deeply personalize the teaching experience. Besides what's a novel technology for another. The other big changes in our education system have been made through the technology has changed different verticals and roles such as marketing, financial services, consulting and others, thus bringing about noticeable changes in the overall education system. In last 100 years, education structures are following the same pedagogy such as lecturers, home assignments, projects and other theoretical assignments. Authors of this article have attempted to suggest various aspect of higher education such as faculty curriculum. It is a conceptual paper based on experiments, views & references material like journals, newspaper and periodicals.