Quality evaluation of butter sold in alexandria markets

2008 Mansoura Veterinary Medical Journal  
A total oj 60 butter sampks (20 of each oj imported CQW butter. locally produced cow butter and locally produced bUffalo butter, were collected aseptl.caHy from dilferent Alexandria markets. The samples were subjected to microbiological and chemical ex-amtruttion to efxtiuate its sanitary condition on the basis of Egyptian. organization Jor Standa.rdiZatl.on and Quality ControL 2005 speqfications. The resul.ts oj the current study revealed that 2016, 40% a.n.d 5516 oj the examined Imported
more » ... r. locally pro* duced COlU butter and locaHy produced buffalo butter samples exceeded the maximum permissible Urnit of coliform bacteria with average counts oj 9.2±L3. 32.2±2.6 and 3B±5.8 MPNlg respectively. However, 35%. 5596 and 75% of such samples were over the permLsSib!e limit of total yeast and mold count with average counts oj 3.4xlO ± 1.5xlO. 5.8xl02 ± 1.6xl02 and 5.2xl03 ± 2.3xl02 cJ,u/g. Upo!yt1c and psychrotrophic bacteria were isolated Jrom aU of the examined samples with counts exceeding the allowable limit. (9. IxID±.1.1x1O, 4.1x103± 2.6x10 and 5.9x 10 2 ± 6.1xl0 cj.u/gJor lljr olytie and 3.5xl02±1.3xl0 2 , 6.5xl02± 2,9xl0 2 and 5.5xl03 .± 8.2xlO cJ.u/g Jor psychrotrophic bacteriaJ.SaunoneUa rould not be detected but Shigella was isoiated Jrom one sample only representtrtg 5% of locally produced cow butter samples. Staphylococcus allreus was detected. In 4(YH;. 55% and 60% while Listeria species In the order oj 25%. 15% and 10% oj importea butter. locally prodtrCed COUi butter ana lo<;aIly produced buffalo butter samples respecfively. The chemica! examination showed that 1(]96. 50% and 100% oJ such samples respeCtiveLy t.tJer€ above the allowable IlmltJor moisture content. Sodium chloride content was above the permissible limit in 25% of locally produced cow butter and 35% ojlocaily produced bu.ffal butter.
doi:10.21608/mvmj.2008.126250 fatcat:yq4rbgxmrbegflb5busdym4any