The Kinematics of a Debris Avalanche on the Sumatra Margin [chapter]

A. S. Bradshaw, D. R. Tappin, D. Rugg
2010 Submarine Mass Movements and Their Consequences  
The kinematics of submarine landslides is important both for evaluating tsunami hazard potential as well as for evaluating hazards to seabed structures. This paper presents a kinematics analysis of a debris avalanche that was identified in deep water off the northwest coast of Sumatra. A numerical model is derived and used to investigate the relative influence of slide density, hydrodynamic drag, basal resistance, and hydroplaning. The model predicts a maximum slide velocity of 40-47 m/s. The
more » ... of 40-47 m/s. The slide density and shear strength of the sediments beneath the slide play a key role in the kinematics behavior.
doi:10.1007/978-90-481-3071-9_10 fatcat:6lalis4d4ff4xlxlrw7sst66eq