Dynamics of Single� and Multi-photon Ionisation Processes in Molecules

V McKoy, SN Dixit, RL Dubs, DL Lynch
1986 Australian journal of physics (Print)  
Aust. J. Phys., 1986,39,761-77 Single-photon ionisation and resonant multiphoton ionisation studies, which can now be carried out using synchrotron radiation and pulsed dye lasers respectively, are providing important dynamical information on molecular photoionisation. In this paper we discuss some results of our recent studies of several, single-and multi-photon ionisation processes in molecules. The results will be taken from our studies of (i) single-photon ionisation of linear molecules
more » ... inear molecules with emphasis on the role of shape and autoionising resonances on these cross· sections, (ii) photoionisation from oriented NiCO as a simple but realistic model of photoemission in adsorbate-substrate systems, and (iii) resonant multiphoton ionisation of H 2 .
doi:10.1071/ph860761 fatcat:4biuustgmfgr7mly5imhoxqpuu