Tunable photonic crystal circuits: concepts and designs based on single-pore infiltration

Sergei F. Mingaleev, Matthias Schillinger, Daniel Hermann, Kurt Busch
2004 Optics Letters  
We demonstrate that the infiltration of individual pores of certain two-dimensional photonic crystals with liquid crystals and (or) polymers provides an efficient platform for the realization of integrated photonic crystal circuitry. As an illustration of this principle, we present designs for monomode photonic crystal waveguides and certain functional elements, such as waveguide bends, beam splitters, and waveguide intersections. These devices exhibit very low ref lection over broad frequency
more » ... anges. In addition, we discuss the inherent tunability of these devices that originates in the tunability of the infiltrated material.
doi:10.1364/ol.29.002858 pmid:15645804 fatcat:5oazvfose5hd5j6emcvzmui3hm