Isolation and characterization of human B lymphocyte mitogen (endotoxin protein) from Salmonella minnesota

Jo Satoh, Tsuyoshi Okano, Takao Kikuchi, Noboru Suzuki, Shigeki Kataoka, Nobuo Nomura, Yoshio Goto, Katsuo Kumagai
1982 Japanese Journal of Clinical Immunology  
Endotoxin protein (EP) was isolated from the TCA-extracted lipopolysaccharide (LPS) of Salmonella minnesota R595 by the use of aquous phenol. The EP stimulated human B lymphocytes to synthesize DNA, even though T lymphocytes were depleted with the nylon column method, the E-rosetting method, or the mouse anti-human monoclonal antibody and complement. However, it is not concluded whether the EP is a human T-independent
doi:10.2177/jsci.5.220 fatcat:b6ay4dyzevgehayxaythvbhrou