M2K: I. A Jupiter-Mass Planet Orbiting the M3V Star HIP 794311

Kevin Apps, Kelsey I. Clubb, Debra A. Fischer, Eric Gaidos, Andrew Howard, John A. Johnson, Geoffrey W. Marcy, Howard Isaacson, Matthew J. Giguere, Jeff A. Valenti, Victor Rodriguez, Carly Chubak (+1 others)
2010 Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific  
Doppler observations from Keck Observatory reveal the presence of a planet with Msini of 2.1 Mjup orbiting the M3V star HIP79431. This is the sixth giant planet to be detected in Doppler surveys of M dwarfs and it is one of the most massive planets discovered around an M dwarf star. The planet has an orbital period of 111.7 days and an orbital eccentricity of 0.29. The host star is metal rich, with an estimated [Fe/H] = +0.4. This is the first planet to emerge from our new survey of 1600 M-to-K dwarf stars.
doi:10.1086/651058 fatcat:d4yfhmudtjcz3apo3ramjagkia