Detailed report of the MuLan measurement of the positive muon lifetime and determination of the Fermi constant

V. Tishchenko, S. Battu, R. M. Carey, D. B. Chitwood, J. Crnkovic, P. T. Debevec, S. Dhamija, W. Earle, A. Gafarov, K. Giovanetti, T. P. Gorringe, F. E. Gray (+21 others)
2013 Physical Review D  
We present a detailed report of the method, setup, analysis and results of a precision measurement of the positive muon lifetime. The experiment was conducted at the Paul Scherrer Institute using a time-structured, nearly 100 scintillator array. The measurement employed two target arrangements; a magnetized ferromagnetic target with a 4 kG internal magnetic field and a crystal quartz target in a 130 G external magnetic field. Approximately 1.6 x 10^12 positrons were accumulated and together the
more » ... data yield a muon lifetime of tau_mu(MuLan) = 2196980.3(2.2) ps (1.0 ppm), thirty times more precise than previous generations of lifetime experiments. The lifetime measurement yields the most accurate value of the Fermi constant G_F (MuLan) = 1.1663787(6) x 10^-5 GeV^-2 (0.5 ppm). It also enables new precision studies of weak interactions via lifetime measurements of muonic atoms.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.87.052003 fatcat:ftcomd7sgjhrtfcqe2ho4exzym