Analysis on Policy Agenda of Tobacco Control in Haikou City from Perspective of Multi-source Current Model

Hongyu Su, Qinxin Deng
2019 Proceedings of the 2018 6th International Education, Economics, Social Science, Arts, Sports and Management Engineering Conference (IEESASM 2018)   unpublished
The multi-source model is the theory of policy agenda setting. It answers why among the many questions in society, only specific questions become policy issues and are included in the policy agenda. On June 1, 2016, Haikou's smoking ban began, which is a milestone in Haikou's policy history. This paper analyzes the inevitability and necessity of the tobacco control policy in Haikou City from three aspects: the source of the problem, the policy source and the political origin. On this basis, the
more » ... policy implementation and future development of Haikou tobacco control policy are discussed in combination with the characteristics of Haikou tobacco control policy. 2. Policy is a purposeful process of activity, and these activities are undertaken by one or a group of actors to deal with a problem or related matter [2] . The source of problems is the specific problem that policymakers need to consider in dealing with the affairs. Among them, social conditions and social problems are the external manifestations of the source and stream of problems. Crises, focus events and public feedback are all factors that cause problems to change. According to the analysis and information inquiry, I think the following specific problems are the source of the tobacco control policy in Haikou City. Serious harm to National Health caused by Tobacco Products More than a million people die from tobacco-related diseases in China each year. If current developments continue, the annual death toll will reach more than 3 million by 2050. Tobacco hazard is a serious public problem. The World Health Organization (WHO) lists tobacco epidemic problem as the key field of global public health control. Some studies show that the health care expenditure caused by tobacco in China is greater than that in public finance and taxation. In 2006,
doi:10.2991/ieesasm-18.2019.49 fatcat:nxgkxwdkvnhlnmbk2egd2q4jou