Culture, participative decision making and job satisfaction

De Wet Van Der Westhuizen, Gail Pacheco, Don J. Webber
2012 International Journal of Human Resource Management  
This study explores the impact of culture on participative decision making (PDM) and job satisfaction (JS) using data obtained from the European Values Study. We parameterise two different cultural variables using principal components analysis: first a continuum based on survival versus self-expression values, and second a continuum based on traditional versus secular-rational values. Application of ordered logistic regression to Likert scales of PDM and JS suggest that greater self-expression
more » ... er self-expression in the survival versus self-expression variable enhances both PDM and JS; more traditional values in the traditional versus secular-rational continuum have the same effect.
doi:10.1080/09585192.2011.625967 fatcat:7br6sf672jbtdn3mrzdjo2jlvq