Some issues related to the forecast of strong ground motion fields [chapter]

X. X. Tao, X. D. Sun, H. M. Liu, P. Li
2014 Earthquake Ground Motion  
In conjunction with a companion paper by the same authors in this volume, this paper discusses the issues arising in the process of forecasting strong motion fields that need to be dealt with further. Firstly, the field must be estimated from the same source model, rather than taking the average motion at a site from more than 30 source models as in the current seismic hazard assessment practice. The second issue concerns the random synthesis, that is, the uncertainty in the envelop of motion
more » ... me histories from a sub source must be treated in the same way for all ground points rather than vary randomly as in the current practice. The third concerns the uncertainty in the rupture velocity, which must not be changed randomly in the synthesis. Finally, the fourth issue concerns the order of the filters and the integrations of accelerations and velocities of the high and low frequency motions before being combined together. Through a sensitivity analysis, the consequences of the above issues are presented and further study is suggested.
doi:10.2495/978-1-84566-000-0/008 fatcat:qwmixqy3rbaedobk3xogwhujna