Musa paradisiaca stem juice as a source of peroxidase and ligninperoxidase

S K Vernwal, R S Yadav, K D Yadav
2000 Indian journal of experimental biology  
Musa paradisiaca stem juice has been shown to contain peroxidase activity of the order of 0.1 enzyme unit/ml. The Km values of this peroxidase for the substrates guaiacol and hydrogen peroxide are 2.4 and 0.28 mM respectively. The pH and temperature optima are 4.5 and 62.5 degrees C respectively. Like other peroxidases, it follows double displacement type mechanism. At low pH, Musa paradisiaca stem juice exhibits ligninperoxidase type activity. The pH optimum for ligninperoxidase type activity
more » ... dase type activity is 2.0 and the temperature optimum is 24 degrees C. The Km values for veratryl alcohol and n-propanol are 66 and 78 microM respectively.
pmid:11324157 fatcat:z7bomeb2nvdjjpb4vuvz5tocy4