Bulk growth and physical properties of diguanidinium phosphate monohydrate (G2HP) as a multi-functional crystal

Xitao Liu, Xinqiang Wang, Xin Yin, Shande Liu, Wen He, Luyi Zhu, Guanghui Zhang, Dong Xu
2014 CrysteEngComm  
Table 1S Crystal data and structure refinement for G2HP Fig. 1S The molecular structures and orientations of the models for calculation: (Ⅰ) G2HP molecule, (Ⅱ) LAP molecule, (Ⅲ) Guanidyl cation 1, (Ⅳ) Guanidyl cation 2 and (Ⅴ) PO 4 tetrahedron Fig. 2S Two typical factual growth morphologies (a); theoretical morphology predicted by the BFDH model (b). Table 2S Comparison of dipole moment (in D), linear polarizability (in 10 -24 esu) and first hyperpolarizability (in 10 -30 esu) values for G2HP
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doi:10.1039/c3ce41896k fatcat:3mcbudx3pbhxffojib52jnq7ti