Numerical Investigation of Wall Heating/Cooling Effect on the Transonic Compressor Performance

Long-gang Liu, Xue-song Li, Xiao-dong Ren, Chun-wei Gu
2019 unpublished
In recent years, the effect of heat transfer in the compressors has been investigated. It shows that cooling via compressor surface can improve the overall performance of the axial compressor. In this paper, the mechanism of cooling effect on the transonic flow is studied. Casing cooling is applied in a transonic compressor rotor and a one and a half stage transonic compressor modelling the F class gas turbine first stage, respectively. Effect of cooling is numerically investigated at the near
more » ... eak efficiency point. By changing the temperature near the casing, both the velocity and speed of sound in front of the rotor near the tip are affected. Cooling affects the shock wave in the flow path, which improves the total pressure rise capability in the tip region. Further, cooling in the inlet guide vane (IGV) is also applied together with casing cooling in the 1.5 stage compressor. It can also improve the aerodynamic performance of compressors.
doi:10.33737/gpps19-tc-029 fatcat:rwzudiucfvdyvh7uadwv35y7vi