Coalitional Game Based Transactive Energy Management in Local Energy Communities

Changsen Feng, Fushuan Wen, Shi You, Zhiyi Li, Farhad Shahnia, Mohammad Shahidehpour
2019 IEEE Transactions on Power Systems  
This paper focuses on transactive energy management in local energy communities and proposes a coalitional game model which considers the presence and utilization of flexible loads and the power output uncertainties from renewable energy sources. The superadditivity and balancedness of the proposed game model are proved rigorously by demonstrating that a nucleolus-based solution leads to a stable and fair payoff distribution scheme for all players. More specifically, the objective function is
more » ... ctive function is proved concave with its analytical expression, derived through an approximated piecewise linear function. The proposed allocation of realized payoffs is then proved to converge consistently to a nucleolus-based solution. It is demonstrated by numerical simulations that the grand coalition effectively increases the global payoff and the proposed allocation scheme contributes to peak shaving and valley filling in the overall load profile. Index Terms-Coalitional game model, Energy management, Local energy community. NOMENCLATURE ESS Energy storage systems EV Electric vehicle LEC Local energy community RES Renewable energy resource TC Transactive control TE Transactive energy t t t J J J t t t J J J t t t J J J BIOGRAPHIES Changsen Feng received the B.E. degree in electrical engineering from Shandong University,
doi:10.1109/tpwrs.2019.2957537 fatcat:76cpiyokgfhcpfremv36soqekq