Determination of natural radioactivity in products of animals fed with grass: A case study for Kars Region, Turkey

Gülçin Bilgici Cengiz
2020 Scientific Reports  
In this research, the activity concentrations of 40 K, 232Th and 226Ra in 41 grass samples collected from Kars region, Turkey, were determined using gamma ray spectrometry. Natural radioactivity concentrations in animal food products were calculated based on activity concentrations of these radionuclides in pasture-grass samples and dry-grass consumption of animals. The average annual effective dose from these radionuclides for local consumers due to indirect ingestion of cow milk, sheep milk,
more » ... oultry, mutton and beef consumption have been calculated as 9.01, 0.24, 1.76, 0.38 and 5.25 µSv y-1, respectively. Furthermore, the calculated average annual effective dose values for adults are within the values found in other countries worldwide. These results show that animal products can be safe for human consumption in terms of radiation exposure due to the natural radionuclides studied.
doi:10.1038/s41598-020-63845-4 pmid:32332794 fatcat:y254nlvct5ewpnqg6cdfpmdlae