New Electromagnetic Imaging Tool Introduced for Corrosion Detection

Xing Fu Zhong, Ying Xing Wu, Jian Qiao Chen, Alex Abakumov
2012 Advanced Materials Research  
The new Electromagnetic Imaging Tool (EMIT) is introduced in this study. It is also described that the basic inspection theory, system structure and applications. The EMIT can determine whether metal loss or casing damage has occurred internally or externally. A 3D casing image can be supplied, including horizontal, vertical profile. The experimental results show that the EMIT has a "high-resolution" for MFL method in the casing well because of the steel brush structure. The minimal diameter of
more » ... the inspection hole is 4 mm, and the thickness determination error of casing wall is 0.4 mm. A number of examples from oilfield are presented.
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:rbkrk7t52jbxjctvy2e6va5yka