Life History Characteristics of a Small Cardinalfish, Ostorhinchus rubrimacula (Percoidei: Apogonidae), from Koro, Fiji

Ken Longenecker, Ross Langston
2006 Pacific Science  
We describe aspects of the life history of the small cardinalfish Ostorhinchus rubrimacula from a single, large collection taken at Koro, Fiji. We determined size at maturity and batch fecundity, examined otolith microstructure to construct a vonBertalanffy growth curve, described a length-weight relationship, and performed a dietary analysis. Ostorhinchus rubrimacula is a gonochore that matures at 35 mm standard length (SL). Batch fecundity is related to body size by the equation: eggs spawned
more » ... ation: eggs spawned ¼ 0.0013(SL) 3:8685 . Assuming each otolith ring corresponds to 1 day in age, the oldest individual in our collection lived 274 days. Growth is described by the equation: SL ¼ 40.84[l À e À0:014ðage in days À 22:45Þ ]. Total body mass (mg) ¼ 4.806 Á 10 À6 (SL) 3:5163 . Ostorhinchus rubrimacula feeds primarily on harpacticoid copepods, but isopods (mostly gnathidean) and polychaetes were also important dietary components.
doi:10.1353/psc.2006.0009 fatcat:oynf7fdivfewteywjxpgkpqbji